11 – 13 March are important dates for those wishing to pursue creative, cultural and heritage industry career opportunities. The Creative Industries Career Expo is set to be Johannesburg’s premier event for creative youth with a desire to innovate, to solve problems creatively or bring new possibilities to life.

Setting the stage for dynamic thinkers, from artists and business to digital and indigenous practice, the Creative Industries Career Expo is converging extraordinary and cutting-edge movers and shakers.

Career Guidance

Whether you love photography, graphic design, writing or any other art-related speciality, only your imagination limits your career options.

The Career Expo will help youth, parents and educators understand the workings of this dynamic sector.

The expo equips young people with knowledge of post-school education options and a broad understanding of diverse career paths in the creative industries.

We have assembled an exhibition of training and education institutions, arts and culture organisations and courses and bursary opportunities for learners.

The Career Expo is going to burst with information, pop along to find out more about:
  • creative, cultural and heritage industry career opportunities and requirements
  • different courses being offered at institutions
  • career paths into the creative industries
  • potential benefits and challenges you could encounter in the creative industries
  • the importance and benefits of careers in the creative industries

Pursue your dreams, creatives!

We’re geared to inspire and inform, here’s what to expect:

  • An Exhibition of training and education institutions, their courses and bursary opportunities
  • Career Guidance Workshops facilitated by educators, industry experts and artists
  • A Session for Parents who wish to engage with the sector about their children pursuing a career in the creative industries

Creative career pathways are unrivalled when it comes to fascinating and futuristic. Who wouldn’t want to explore those options?!

The Creative Industries Career Expo takes place from 11 – 13 March at Museum Africa in Newtown, from 09h00 – 16h00 daily. There is no entrance fee and all wannabe creatives are welcome to attend!

Creative Industries Career Expo

Museum Africa, Newtown, Johannesburg

11-13 March 2020