#CICE2020 is sounding a call to learners, teachers and schools in Gauteng to participate in a careers exhibition for the creative industries.

The creative industry, a hotbed of diversity, welcomes those with multiple interests, talent and experimental energy to an innovative sector growing faster than the rest of South Africa’s economy.

The Creative Industries Career Expo

  • informs learners, educators and parents about creative, cultural and heritage industry career opportunities and requirements
  • exhibits different courses being offered at institutions
  • allows learners to identify career paths into the creative industries
  • uncovers the potential benefits and challenges learners could encounter in the creative industries
  • demonstrates the importance and benefits of careers in the creative industries

In 2019, the total number employed in the creative economy was estimated to be just over one million in South Africa, this means the creative industries drive substantial job creation. That’s great news for creatives!

If you’re a future creative, come and engage with the professionals at CICE2020, you may just find your breakthrough!

What to expect at CICE2020

  • An Exhibition of training and education institutions, their courses and bursary opportunities
  • Career Guidance Workshops facilitated by educators, industry experts and artists
  • An Educator’s Workshop to enable dialogue and networking between educators and the industry
  • A Session for Parents who wish to engage with the sector about their children pursuing a career in the creative industries

The Creative Economy

Where will you be?

The creative industries represent an important source of commercial and cultural value. Different creative industries make up the creative economy and include:

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Archiving
  • Arts Management
  • Arts Administration
  • Arts Journalism
  • Broadcast
  • Circus
  • Craft
  • Culinary Arts
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural Policy and Research
  • Dance
  • Digital Arts
  • Drama
  • Fashion
  • Film and Television
  • Fine Art
  • Galleries
  • Graphic Design
  • Heritage Management
  • Heritage Studies
  • Industrial Design
  • IT and Software
  • Jewellery Design and
  • Manufacture
  • Languages
  • Librarianship
  • Literature
  • Marketing for the Arts
  • Media
  • Museums
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Studies
  • Musicology
  • New Media
  • Photography
  • Publishing
  • Puppetry
  • Set Design
  • Sound Engineering
  • Technical Production
  • Textile Design
  • Theatre
  • Therapeutic Arts
  • Visual Arts

Follow CICE2020 if you’re planning your creative career, and let’s see you at Museum Africa in 2020!

Creative Industries Career Expo

Museum Africa, Newtown, Johannesburg

11-13 March 2020